NewzApp wants your video of breaking news, natural and important events, weird and wonderful moments and, of course, your scoops and exposes. Once you’ve captured the moment, upload your videos to the NewzApp platform, where news organisations from all around the world can find it, view it, download it, and pay you for it. It really is that easy.

If you own a smartphone or a hand-held video camera, you have everything you need to capture great video to upload to NewzApp and to supply to newsrooms, online publications, and newspapers around the world.

Of course, a bit of luck – being in the right place at the right time – as does presenting your video footage in a format news and content producers (consumers) will most want to purchase. So, to get you on your way, here are some helpful tips to capture great video files and to help you shoot, save, and share – and, hopefully, make some cash too


Wherever you are, ensure that you do not put yourself or others at risk. Always follow the directions of law enforcement officers. They are there for your safety and protection.


You don’t want to run out of storage in the middle of capturing the moment. Check to make sure you have adequate storage space before you start recording. Better yet, if you have access to cloud storage, save your videos there. This will conserve space on your phone, plus make it easy to download videos to the NewzApp platform.


All TV formats are horizontal – predominantly 16:9. This means, news producers want content that fits their horizontal format. Yes, they will use vertical content if that is all that is available, but they will give purchasing preference to horizontal videos.


If you don’t have a stand or a tripod, find something to rest your smartphone against or on to keep the image sharp and steady. If your device has an anti-shake function, switch it on.


Plan to record more footage than you think you will need; and take multiple shots of 30-60 seconds. Follow the action. Once you have captured the main event, look around you for connected events or reactions to the event. It’s better to have more material for producers to edit than to not have enough and miss an opportunity to see your footage on the news all over the world.


Avoid the rookie mistake of holding smartphone close to us while shooting a video. For instance, like when you are taking a selfie. Give yourself some space in the frame of the viewer. Then, capture the news event from multiple viewpoints. If you have different lens – or an adaptive lens on your smartphone or device, capture some creative angles too. If you take pan shots, make sure your movements are steady and smooth and not too fast.


Your video clips should always have sound. If the news outlets don’t want the sound, they can edit it out in their studios. Video files without sound are less likely to sell. While sound is important, your footage should still be self-explanatory without sound or narration.

Sound quality plays a huge role in the overall quality of your video. Before shooting, listen for background noise like sirens, the roar of a crowd, emotional outbursts, protesting sounds, or traffic. If these sounds are integral to the video you are capturing, then keep recording. If the sounds around you detract from the video – say nightclub music or a noisy air-conditioner in the building you are filming from – find a more ambient place to capture your footage. Purchasing an external mic for your smartphone will make a huge improvement in the audio quality of your smartphone videos. Most mics are small and compact and easily fit into your phone’s headphone or USB jack. Prices vary, but you’ll find the investment worthwhile as you become a NewzApp professional.


During the day, shoot with the sun behind you or at an angle to you. Never shoot into the sun. Try to avoid capturing your shadow in the shot. At night, move to a position where street lighting or similar casts light on what you are filming. If you don’t have a light and if you are in a car, position the headlights towards the subject. Look for activity around emergency services vehicles or personnel. Where they are, is usually where the action is and they need light to see what they are doing. Also, position yourself so that the light falls on your subject. For example, if you are filming at a concert or a sporting event, position yourself between with your back to stage or the arena looking toward the audience. This will make sure that the stage or arena lights will shine on the audience to capture their reactions.


Shoot, save, and share your video as quickly as you can. Find a Wi-Fi point, or use your mobile device’s data connection to upload the videos to the NewzApp site immediately. Newsrooms and publishers are looking for breaking news every second of every day. The sooner you upload your videos to NewzApp, the sooner they can find it, use it, and pay YOU for it.


You can upload any size files to the NewzApp platform, but we prefer files of up to 1GB. These files are quick to upload and will be on the site, ready for the media to find sooner than larger files. If your video files are larger than 1GB, use compression software and then upload your video files. Miro Video Converter works for both Mac and PC users and then select MP4 as the output file format from the dropdown menu.


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